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Buckwheat Honey

As dark as molasses with an earthy, unmistakable flavour of buckwheat.  A little goes a long way with this honey, as its strong essence can overpower other flavours easily.  Its health and immune benefits make it an ideal addition to any diet year round.

Liquid No.1 Golden Honey

Traditional, beautiful golden honey that has been rigorously produced by our hard-working bees.  With a wide assortment of flowers to choose from in the Georgian Bay area, our unique brand of honey keep you coming back for more.

Creamed Honey

Our creamed honey has the finest, smoothest texture gained from multiple days of mixing, resting and whipping until that velvety texture is achieved.  A lot of hours go into transforming this honey and the results pay off.  You won’t find another creamed honey like this.

Creamed Cinnamon Honey

Imagine our velvety smooth creamed honey with the added immune goodness of cinnamon.  We have added a high quality organic cinnamon ground in the finest powder so that it does not detract from the creaminess of the honey.

Blueberry Honey

This combination is phenomenal.  It’s like a blueberry pie that you can put on your toast.  It still tastes like honey, but with an indisputable blueberry flavour.  Our bees go crazy over the blueberry bushes, working hard to bring you that delicious goodness.

Ginger Honey

Distinctly fresh and bright, this honey is on the lighter side of flavour profiles.  We use a dried ginger so that the flavour of the honey is not diluted with any excess water, giving you a full burst of bright flavour in every scoop.

Delivered straight to your store

We make selling our honey simple. Once your order is placed, you can expect your items to be delivered to your store within 4-5 business days, often times even sooner. Our honey is prepackaged for your convenience, ready to sell straight out of the box.

Specialty Products


Our fine filtered beeswax is ideal for many applications, whether making your own candles, cosmetic recipes, painting finishes, cooking and emulsifying flavours, and other numerous household uses.


A resinous substance collected by the bees from tree flowers and bugs, propolis adds structure to the hive and seals it from drafts and protects it from foreign material. It has great antiseptic properties and strengthens the immune system against bacterial fungi including the flu.


Our pollen is collected as the bees enter their hive and cleaned with our high efficiency air blowing system. Alternatively it can be stored in the freezer for quick and easy access while preserving freshness.

100% Beeswax Candles

Our candles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but all are made entirely with our fine, double filtered beeswax taken from new comb for better purity. We use 100% cotton wicks for a cleaner burn with no black smoke and a subtle, natural fragrance of honey.

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