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Our pollen is collected as the bees enter their hive and cleaned with our high efficiency air blowing system. Alternatively it can be stored in the freezer for quick and easy access while preserving freshness.


Our fine filtered beeswax is ideal for many applications, whether making your own candles, cosmetic recipes, painting finishes, cooking and emulsifying flavours, and other numerous household uses.


A resinous substance collected by the bees from specific leaf buds and tree barks, propolis adds structure to the hive and seals it from drafts and protects it from foreign material. It has great antiseptic properties and strengthens the immune system against bacterial fungi including the flu.

100% Beeswax Candles

Our candles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but all are made entirely with our fine, double filtered beeswax taken from new comb for better purity. We use 100% cotton wicks for a cleaner burn with no black smoke and a subtle, natural fragrance of honey.

Honey Dippers

A great way to complement your new honey is a traditional honey stick. Our honey sticks are perfect for dipping, with a handle that is just the right length, ridges that grab the honey well, and release it at just the right time.

Maple Syrup

Our 100% pure maple syrup is sourced and made right on our property. We take great care to not use additives or thickeners, and for those who want a slightly different flavour than honey, our syrup is a great option.

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Farm Gate Honey

We carry all sizes of all our honeys at our farm, ready for purchase for you to take home and enjoy.  While you’re visiting, come see our honey house and state-of-the-art equipment that brings you such high quality honey.

Bulk Honey

Browse by quantity to find which products we carry in bulk sizes.  Our bulk sizes range from 30lbs pails to 45 gallon drums and are ready for repackaging, baking, cosmetics and more.  Great quality at fair prices.

Wholesale Honey

Discover which honeys are available for resale in your store.  Our blueberry, ginger and cinnamon honeys make for a great specialty product that many other suppliers don’t carry, and come prepackaged and ready to sell.

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