Blueberry Honey


Blueberry Honey

Blueberry flowers bloom in July, when the peak season of flowers has ended and the bees are starting their final effort to store nectar for the winter. A large, healthy blueberry plant will provide thousands of flower buds each year, and each bud containing up to 16 flowers. When the tiny white flowers on the blueberry bushes come out, the bees go crazy over them and their sweet nectar, providing lots of sweet flavour for the honey.

Blueberry honey contains high levels of antioxidants; when compared with other types of honeys, blueberry and buckwheat have the highest levels of flavonoids for immune and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s like combining two super foods into one.

Our blueberry honey is a an amber honey, though on the lighter side, and full of delicious, authentic blueberry flavour. We never add artificial flavourings to our honeys afterwards, and the result is natural, bright, blueberry flavour. It is a wonderful addition to any pantry for use in baking, sauces, or swirled into plain yogurt for added flavour and sweetness.

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