Beeswax is a natural product produced and secreted by the worker bees in a hive, and is used by the bees to build honeycomb cells to raise their young, or for storage for honey and pollen. When initially secreted, this wax is glass-clear and colourless, but gradually becomes opaque after being contaminated with pollen from the worker bees, and becomes progressively more brown as pollen oils and proplis interfere with it. Our beeswax is harvested as early in the season as possible in order to give the purest, unadulterated beeswax possible while still allowing enough for the bees to build their hive; this gives it its bright yellow colour instead of a brownish tinge that is very prominent in beeswax products.

For the worker bees to secrete wax, the temperature of the hive must be between 33°C to 36°C. While much of this is dependent on climate, we work hard to make optimal conditions happen so that our bees can build strong, robust hives and provide us with the best possible wax.

The uses for beeswax are seemingly endless, with its natural emulsifying capabilities and hydrophobic nature, but you can be sure that our wax is unbleached, double-filtered, and ready to use for your next project.

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