Honey Dippers


Honey Dippers

Our honey dippers are a kitchen utensil used to collect honey from a container, which it then exudes to another location. They are made of turned wood. Besides the appropriately long handle, the tool consists of equally-spaced concentric grooves that grab the honey and won’t drip like a normal spoon will.

It is recommended to wash and season the dipper before initial use. Wash with mild soap and warm water and allow to air dry. Sanitize by mixing one part white vinegar to five parts warm water and soak the dipper for several minutes. Allow to completely air dry — this may take up to two days. Coat with olive oil and allow to absorb fully, turning occasionally to apply more oil to the underside.

In order to clean after seasoning, simply run under hot water to remove any excess honey from the dipper. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth. It is not recommended to use soap after seasoning.

Sizes Available:


5 Sticks

10 Sticks

25 Sticks

100 Sticks